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A clean, modern shop staffed with friendly, competent people is what you will find at Accurate Auto Tops & Upholstery. We are a full service top and upholstery shop located in Edgemont, Pennsylvania, a small town just 20 miles southwest of Philadelphia. Owner Jim Moore and his associates, Mark Carner and Jon Blanck have a combined 104 years of experience in the auto upholstery industry. Jim takes great pride in the quality workmanship and professional service his company has to offer. Shop manager Mark Carner has worked with Jim for 19 years. Trimmer Jon Blanck has worked for Accurate for 13 years. Accurate currently has 35 active new and used car dealer accounts and 35 active body shop and repair shop accounts, the large number of wholesale accounts is a testimony to our quality of service. These wholesale accounts comprise approximately 50% of our business with the balance being retail top and upholstery business.

We here at Accurate are very proud of the way we conduct business. We feel we have “old time” business values. We appreciate our customers, we work hard to deliver the best tops and materials and the best quality workmanship we can at a fair price.


Jim Moore Story  
How did Jim Moore get into the upholstery business? He started working for a local upholstery shop in June 0f 1969, picking up and delivering cars to dealers and sweeping up the shop. That was the summer of his freshman year of college. He continued working at the shop while going to school. After graduating from college he decided to stay and continue working at the shop. The shop at that time started to sell tops and materials to other shops in the Mid-Atlantic States. Jim managed the materials shipping department where he learned quite a bit about the different qualities of tops and materials. That department grew and grew, eventually shipping tops and materials across the country and even exporting overseas. Unfortunately the business grew beyond the management capabilities of the owner (not Jim) and the business was liquidated.

After having sold tops and materials to upholstery shops for years, Jim decided to do what he always wanted to do, open his own auto top and upholstery shop. Jim opened his shop (good idea) with a partner (bad idea). After five years of relative success, Jim and his partner split because of major business philosophical differences; Jim wanted to do high –quality work at a fair price, his partner wanted to do fair work at a very high price. On July 29,1991 Accurate Auto Tops & Upholstery opened its doors (best idea). And the rest as they say is history.




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